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why see a specialist?

While many general dentists are very good dental health professionals who offer treatments for a variety of issues, the fact is that a periodontal specialist is often the best person to see for problems related to the gums and missing teeth.

A periodontal specialist like Dr. David F. Boden has advanced education and experience treating health and cosmetic issues related to the gums. Dr. Boden has devoted his career to the treatment of gum recession and periodontal disease, cosmetic gum lifting and enhancement procedures,  oral pathology and gum problems related to the effects of cancer treatment, and other periodontal conditions. Dr. Boden specifically focuses on gum treatments at his St. Lucie West practice. This commitment to particular fields of dental and periodontal health has lead to a wealth of experience and skills acquired by Dr. Boden, increasing the chances of successful treatment.

As a periodontal specialist, Dr. Boden sought further education beyond dental school. He completed a residency in periodontics.

Since the successful treatment of gum disease can be necessary for your overall health, it is very important that your periodontal health professional is well-versed and experienced in a range of procedures that can help you meet your needs. Dr. Boden’s extensive training and continued education with advanced periodontal procedures can give you confidence that expert hands are caring for you.

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