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re-evaluation exam

After the initial treatment of scaling and root planing, the periodontist will re-evaluate the level of improvement that has been made and your body’s response to therapy. Re-evaluation examination includes assessments similar to the initial exam, including recordings of oral hygiene status, probing and charting of pocket depths, gingival bleeding, gum defects and recession, mobility, and radiographic bone levels. In addition, your oral hygiene regimen will be reviewed and oral hygiene techniques will be further modified. At this visit, the frequency of maintenance cleanings will be prescribed to further maintain your periodontal health. This is usually done by alternating visits every two to four months between your general dentist and our office.


Maintenance visits are determined by your periodontal status and Dr. Boden's judgment. Patients with high motivation, good oral hygiene techniques, no bleeding and no systemic conditions, will be prescribed maintenance visits of every four to six months. High-risk patients with moderate or severe periodontal disease, inadequate oral hygiene techniques, bleeding and/or systemic conditions, will be prescribed maintenance visits of every two to four months.