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financial policy

Our staff is proud to be a team whose primary mission is to deliver the finest and most comprehensive periodontal services available today. We are concerned about your dental care and want to ensure that it is performed in the most responsible manner possible. In order to assist you with the investment in your dental health, we have outlined our payment policy.


Please understand that treatment suggestions are always based on patient needs and NEVER determined by insurance benefit reimbursement.




For your initial exam, emergency exam, or other single-visit procedures, our policy is that payment is due in full at the time of service (unless other arrangements have been made with the office staff prior to your appointment). For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, and credit card payment (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express).


If you have any concerns or questions, please ask our staff. We can be reached at (772) 878-2000.

Our office is located at 1100 S.W. St. Lucie West Blvd. | Suite 104 | Port St. Lucie, FL | 34986



Professional care is provided to you, our patient, and not to an insurance company. Your dental insurance plan is a contract between you and your insurance company. We are happy to prepare and file insurance claims as a courtesy that we extend to our patients to facilitate prompt reimbursement, and we will gladly use our resources to assist you in seeking reimbursement to the full extent permitted under your policy.


Our staff deals with many different insurance companies, and some organizations offer multiple dental and medical plans. Periodically, your place of employment might change benefits. As a courtesy, we ask that you keep us informed of any change to your insurance coverage. It is important that all of our information about you and your insurance is current.


If you have dental insurance, in which we are considered an out-of-network provider, we can submit your treatment plan for a pre-estimate of benefits. Regardless of insurance, the payment responsibility rests with you, the patient, not your insurance company, as an insurance preauthorization is not a guarantee of payment. Our policy is that payment is due in full at the time of service via cash, check, or credit card payment (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express). We will promptly submit the treatment procedures we perform to your dental insurance company and always direct that payment is sent directly to you from the insurance company.


If we are considered an in-network provider for your insurance, we will accept payment directly from your primary insurance company for commonly covered treatment(s) rendered. Prior to treatment, our office will attempt to contact your insurance company to estimate/determine available benefits. This will inform our office what your insurance company is estimating to cover.  Because many insurance companies will not give out fees until after the treatment is completed, however, this is only an estimate of benefits and not a guarantee of payment. You will be responsible for payment of the estimated balance not covered by your primary insurance (your co-pay) at the time treatment is rendered. If financial arrangements for the patient’s portion of the fee are necessary, they must be arranged prior to treatment. After 60 days, any unpaid balance not covered by your insurance company (including delays in insurance company payment/processing) will be billed to you, and payment expected at that time.  Please speak with our practice administrators if you have any further questions or concerns.